Committee Requests for an Event

AIPLA: the American Intellectual Property Law Association

Guidance to AIPLA Committee’s Regarding
Submission of Proposals for

Road Shows, Webinars, and other Online Events Programs

This document/form is designed to provide guidance to Committee leadership, staff, and Board leadership when considering whether or not educational programs will receive approval for the following Association year. Committee leadership must keep in mind the many conflicting requests for programming across the entire Association and that limited headquarters’ resources and available calendar dates dictate that not every event can be approved. The information provided in response to the questions below will assist the Immediate Past President and staff in prioritizing which events will be approved to proceed forward.  


All proposals for the following fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) must be submitted by March 31, decisions about programs for the coming year will coincide with the Budget review process in May.

When submitting proposals, please explain the timing of the proposed event and how it compares within the context of other proposals for the program year. For example, is this a one-time event; is it one of a series of other online events of the same type (webinar); is it one in a related series of events addressing the same subject (a multi-part series); is it a Road Show or other recurring program?



What resources are needed in order to present an excellent, high-quality program, consistent with AIPLA’s focus, mission, and purpose?


Please Note:  For in-person events and online events - a minimum of 30 paid registrants is required.  More than 50% of registrants should be regular attendees and not speakers. If attendance and participation falls below projections, consideration will be made on what other format may be appropriate (such as altering the content, converting it to a virtual event, holding it on an every-other-year basis, etc.)

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