General Committee FAQs

With nearly 60 committees focused on a wide-array of specialties and topics, there is a place for every member to get involved.  Our committees are the heartbeat of AIPLA and thousands of members actively contribute their time, talent, and expertise to the advancement of their careers, the association, and the IP profession.  Participation in committee work also exposes you to additional member benefits, provides leadership opportunities and expands your professional network.


What is an AIPLA committee?


Our committees guide our advocacy and activity. Whether it is writing reports on current legislation, hosting CLE programs and events with major speakers or filing amicus briefs in ground-breaking legal cases, our committees shape policy and frame debate on the pressing legal issues of the day. Serving on a committee also offers the opportunity to build a network of valuable professional contacts and friendships.


What are the benefits of joining an AIPLA committee?


Serving on a committee offers the opportunity to build a network of valuable professional contacts and friendships within your practice or interest area. Participating on a committee in an area of IP law outside one’s professional practice can be a wonderful way to be involved in personal interests outside your day-to-day practice. It also exposes you to additional member benefits and provides leadership opportunities.


Who can join a committee?


Committee participation is a benefit of AIPLA membership and therefore only AIPLA members can be considered. If you are not a member please join. Committee members are expected to remain in good standing to retain their seat. Certain special committees require a direct appointment by the AIPLA President.


Does committee work take a lot of time?


There are two types of committee membership, voting and non-voting with different requirements for participation.  You can choose the level that is right for you.    

AIPLA members can join or leave a committee as a non-voting member at any time and there is no requirement to participate.  Being a non-voting member simply adds you to the groups email distribution list so that you are aware of news, opportunities and resources that the committee provides.

AIPLA members can join a committee as a voting member each fall during Committee Open Season which runs between the AIPLA Annual Meeting and January 1.  Being a voting member of the committee allows you to have a voice on committee matters and comes with requirements to attend scheduled meetings and vote on committee business.

How do I join a committee?


View the committee sign-up instructions.


How do I find a list of committees?


A list of committees can be found here.


Is there a list of committee members available?


Current membership rosters for each committee can be found on each respective AIPLA CONNECT Community page. You will need your AIPLA login to access this.