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The American Intellectual Property Law Association offers a wide variety of webinars that provide useful tools, research and strategies to help advance your career.

Upcoming Live Webinars

  • CLE (36) AIPLA Trade Secrets Masters Series – Part I: How to Settle Trade Secret Disputes with Jim Pooley

    March 9, 2021 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM   |   No CLE credits

    Trade secret disputes are the messy divorces of the IP world. Strong emotions abound on both sides. Helping our clients get the best result is not just about winning at trial, but about digging in to know what’s going on and leading the parties to a business solution. This session will address the dynamics of settling trade secret fights, whether company to company or departing employees.
  • CLE (30) AIPLA CLE Webinar: The Data Protection Risks of Predictive AI Models

    March 17, 2021 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM   |   1.5 CLE Credits Available

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been employed in most industries. Often, for instance, a predictive AI model is used to infer meaningful information from complex datasets. A predictive AI model can be trained to infer the optimal treatment of a disease for a given patient or to detect the existence of a disease in the patient. This webinar will discuss the unique data protection risks that arise out of employing predictive AI models in various industries. This webinar will also discuss techniques for safeguarding against the unintentional leakage of sensitive training data by these predictive AI models.

Webinars on the Horizon...

  • Your Competitor Got A Patent - Now What? Can you Invalidate it in Europe and the US - April 8
  • Year in Review: Intellectual Property - April 14
  • Most Common Ethics Issues Confronted by Trademark and Patent Practitioner - April 20

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