125 Member Spotlight



We asked our members,  What does AIPLA mean to you?
rich stockton

Rich Stockton

"Thrilled to be a part of it, and have learned so much."

Member since 2013

Banner & Witcoff Ltd., Principal Shareholder

santosh chari

Santosh Chari

"I cherish the close friendships I have formed with colleagues, spanning over 20 years."

Member since 2005

CPST Intellectual Property, Shareholder


Laura Brutman

"AIPLA provides the opportunity to have fun while learning and developing friendships."

Member since 1993

Banner & Witcoff Ltd., Partner

neil henderson

Neil Henderson

"...an amazing place to build life-long connections and have FUN."

Member since 2000

Amarok IP, Founder

libbie dimarco

Libbie DiMarco

"AIPLA has provided an unmatched network of mentors and colleagues who have become friends."

Member since 2014

Wolf Greenfield, Shareholder

Daniel brownstone

Daniel R. Brownstone

"AIPLA is an amazing resource within the IP community."

Member since 2010

Fenwick & West LLP, Partner, Intellectual Property

ray farrell

Raymond Farrell

"AIPLA has enabled me to exchange ideas with some of the best people in the IP world."

Member since 2001

Carter, DeLuca & Farrell LLP, Founding Partner

stephanie curcio

Stephanie Curcio

"A forum to share views and discuss cutting edge issues affecting the IP industry."

Member since 2019

NLPatent, CEO

jeff townes

Jeffrey Townes

"AIPLA offers a much-needed sanctuary where IP issues matter most."

Member since 1998

Cozen O'Connor, Partner

lisa tittemore

Lisa M. Tittemore

"Being an active member of AIPLA keeps me on top of my game."

Member since 2009

Sunstein LLP, Partner, Chair of Litigation Practice


Jim Hallenbeck

"Friendship, support, and opportunity."

Member since 2004

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, P.A., Principal Patent Attorney

plehn-dujowich_debora 200

Debora Plehn-Dujowich

"AIPLA has been a way to learn and make lasting friendships."

Member since 2010

Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, Partner

Piper_PHOTO_AIPLA2021AM -200

Michael Piper

"AIPLA is a tapestry of relationships providing mutual support and professional growth."

Member since 1995

Conley Rose, President

Boulware, Margaret 200

Meg Boulware

"Honored to be the first woman president and pioneer the diversity in leadership of AIPLA."

Member since 1981

Boulware & Valoir, Founding Partner

Meyer, Mercedes200

Mercedes Meyer, PhD

"I've gained friends, mentors, and champions."

Member since 1998

Banner Witcoff, Ltd., Partner


Enrica Bruno

"Opportunity to make an impact."

Member since 2008

Steinfl + Bruno LLP, Founding and Managing Partner

Dhavan, Gauri200

Gauri M. Dhavan

"AIPLA is an enriching organization- the more I contribute, the more I receive."

Member since 2017

ZOLL Medical Corporation, VP and Chief IP Counsel


Frank L. Gerratana

"AIPLA has added a whole new dimension to my career."

Member since 2007

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C., Member

tottis, kevin square200

Kevin Tottis

"Egalitarian approach to member involvement."

Member since 2001

TottisLaw, Managing Partner


John Osha

Jonathan P. Osha

"AIPLA is a unique and powerful resource for continuing education."

Member since 1989

Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton LLP, Founding Partner


Vladimir J. Semendyai

"AIPLA helps me to remain updated on critical developments in IP law."

Member since 2014

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Litigation Associate


Diallo Crenshaw

"AIPLA has been a valuable piece of my professional development puzzle."

Member since 2001

Jordan IP Law, LLC, Principal


Edwin Molino

"Friendships and the opportunity to learn and grow."

Member since 2003


Stadheim Photo

Theresa Stadheim

"The opportunity to shine in leadership and patent law."

Member since 2012

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, P.A., Attorney

jim ruland

James E. Ruland

"AIPLA offers a cutting edge legal education to provide added value for my clients."

Member since 1994

Conley Rose, P.C., Of Counsel

lisa dunner

Lisa A. Dunner

"AIPLA brings us together in a collegial and professional way."

Member since 2014

Dunner Law PLLC, Managing Partner

Wayne Sobon

Wayne Sobon

"AIPLA has changed the course of my career. It has been a core, peak experience."

Member since 1994

JUUL Labs, Inc., VP, Intellectual Property


Angela J. Grayson

"My firm is small, AIPLA is like having hundreds of partners to help me."

Member since 2015

PRECIPICE IP LLC, Principal and Founder


Rachel Kahler, PhD

"AIPLA is where I can expand and explore my passion for the profession."

Member since 2013

General Mills, Inc., Patent Agent


J. Michael Martinez de Andino

"AIPLA has provided me with opportunities that allowed me to excel."

Member since 1992

Hunton Andrews Kurth, LLP, Senior Counsel, Retired

matt adams

Matt Adams

"Professional development, strong attorney networks, enduring friendships."

Member since 1997

FB Rice, Special Counsel

Herman Photo

Michele Herman

"Learning from and with others."

Member since 1991

JusTech Law, PLLC, Founder

Patty headshot 200

Drew Patty

"AIPLA has enabled career growth while introducing me to great people."

Member since 2001

McGlinchey Stafford, PLLC, Member


Karl R. Fink

"Best IP organization, and I want to be a part of it."

Member since 2009

Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP, Partner 

jack skenyon

Jack Skenyon

"The opportunity to work with the most amazing people in the IP field."

Member since 1976


Young Laurie 200

Laurie Young

"Trusted colleagues I can turn to in any scenario."

Member since 2008

Schwegman, Lundberg and Woessner, Attorney


Ryan Alley

"AIPLA connects me to every practice, background, and industry in IP."

Member since 2006

Ryan Alley Intellectual Property Law, Patent Attorney

larry hefter

Larry Hefter

"Education, Comradery, Business."

Member since 1964

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, Retired Partner

Noel Courage

"AIPLA was a building block in my career."

Member since 2011

Bereskin & Parr LLC, Partner


Hetal Kushwaha

"My anchor as a new professional to working mom, from associate to partner."

Member since 2007

Hetal Kushwaha Business Development Services, Owner

hricik_d 200

David Hricik

"Made life-long friends and learned new ways of lawyering."

Member since 1989

Mercer Law School, Professor & Associate Dean

tim christman

Tim Christman

"Professional growth and new friendships that become lasting ones."

Member since 2009

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, P.A., Principal


Matthew Wagner

"An engaging community who strive for the best."

Member since 2010

PDC Brands, General Counsel

Wang-Sophie square200

Sophie F. Wang

"Working with and learning from IP's brightest minds."

Member since 2018

Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP, Partner

alan kasper

Alan J. Kasper

"Leadership, networking, and impacting IP globally."

Member since 1972

Sughrue Mion PLLC, Partner

sarah kostiuk smith

Sarah Kostiuk-Smith

"An international network of brilliant and supportive friends."

Member since 2017

Mewburn Ellis LLP, European Patent Attorney, Partner

Georgann Grunebach

Georgann Grunebach

"A singular opportunity to grow in my profession, career and humanity."

Member since 2006

The Law Offices of Georgann S. Grunebach


Rochelle Lieberman

"...a community of IP friends and colleagues."

Member since 1992

Lieberman & Brandsdorfer, LLC, Founding Member

sarah harris

Sarah Harris

"Platform for excellence in the IP profession."

Member since 1993

USPTO, Former General Counsel

Canady, Karen 200

Karen Canady

"Opportunities to grow my skills as a speaker, leader, and practitioner."

Member since 1994

Canady + Lortz LLP, Partner

Dorothie Laguerre Smith

Dorothie Laguerre Smith

"Community, collaboration, and mentorship."

Member since 2020

Eaton Corporation, Cybersecurity Attorney

bridget smith

Bridget Smith

"A voice in our country's IP policy."

Member since 2011

Relativity Space, Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property

James Pooley

Jim Pooley

"AIPLA is a welcoming place for people who take IP seriously."

Member since 1992

James Pooley PLC


Lucy Samuels

"Connecting with and learning from attorneys around the world."

Member since 2017

Gill Jennings & Every LLP, European & UK Patent Attorney

Palmer, Erick 200

Erick Palmer

"AIPLA allows me to stay on top of today's hot-button IP issues."

Member since 2019

Mayer Brown LLP, Partner


Roxana Sullivan

"...meaningful relationships within the IP community."

Member since 2015

Galderma Holding SA, Lead Trademark & Anti-Piracy Counsel

Turner Photo

Ellisen Turner

"AIPLA is a wonderful place to bond with friends while celebrating new law developments."

Member since 2017

Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Partner

Elisabetta Papa

"Being part of a diverse professional community with a fair leadership."

Member since 2013

Società Italiana Brevetti S.p.A. (SIB), PhD, European Patent Attorney

tiep nguyen

Tiep Nguyen

"AIPLA provides me with invaluable education and camaraderie."

Member since 2013

Fujitsu North America, Inc., Director, Fujitsu Patent Center


Maria Scungio

"Exceptional friendships with remarkably talented IP colleagues."

Member since 2013

Robinson & Cole LLP, Partner


Chris Carani

"AIPLA is a great way to stay current in IP, and cultivate important relationships."

Member since 2000

McAndrews, Held & Malloy Ltd., Partner


Jess Ergmann

"A trusted network of IP practitioners who have become lifelong friends."

Member since 2013

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Senior Intellectual Property Counsel 

Polson, Margaret square

Margaret Polson

"Improving the IP legal profession globally."

Member Since 2009

Partner, Polson Intellectual Property Law, PC


Ury Fischer

"AIPLA is the gold standard for intellectual property professional networking

Member since 2005

Shareholder, Lott & Fischer, PL


Nick Godici

"Grateful for all AIPLA has done for me and the friendships I have developed."

Member since 2005

Godici Patent Consulting

Kendall, Dara Square200

Dara Kendall

"I have found 'community' in AIPLA."

Member since 1996

The Procter & Gamble Company, Senior Vice President & General Counsel 


Suzannah Sundby

"Being part of a community of incredibly talented IP professionals."

Member since 2006

Partner, Canady + Lortz LLP


Kieran Doyle

"Mentors. Friends. Education."

Member since 2008

Shareholder, Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman


Sarah Knight

"Where I can interact with and build friendships with the brightest IP minds."

Member since 2005

Partner, Talem IP Law


Bea Swedlow

"I benefit from AIPLA's voice and advocacy via amicus briefs and legislative/regulatory activity.

Member since 2006

Partner, Honigman LLP


Will Freeman

"AIPLA is my home away from home in my legal career."

Member since 2016

Principal, Fish & Richardson P.C.

Irving, Tom

Thomas L. Irving

"Amazing educational opportunities."

Member since 1978

Partner, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP


Charles L. (Chico) Gholz

"Opportunity to socialize with colleagues from around the world in a non-competitive environment."

Member since 1972

Senior Partner, Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, LLP


Sharon A. Israel

"An advocacy voice."

Member since 1992

Partner, Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP


Jenae C. Gureff

"A global community impacting and exchanging ideas on cutting-edge IP issues."

Member since 2005

Partner, Cantor Colburn LLP


Marc A. Hubbard

"Supporting advocacy for a better IP system with great people."

Member since 1997

Partner, Hubbard Johnston, PLLC

Chen Wang

Chen Wang

"Camaraderie. Opportunity. Knowledge."

Member since 1998

Chief Executive Officer, Steelike, Inc.


Judy Saffer

"The opportunity to meet wonderful people, many of whom have become dear friends."

Member since 1989

Retired, Past President of AIPLA

Jason Murata

Jason Murata

"AIPLA has pushed me to grow, as an attorney and as a leader."

Member since 2013

Partner, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP


Angela Sebor

"Friendships and learning to be a leader, advocate, mentor, teammate, ally."

Member since 2009

Director, Intellectual Property, Tolmar, Inc.


Mark L. Whitaker

"AIPLA facilitated my legal career through mentorship, CLE, leadership positions, networking, and fun!"

Member since 2002

Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP


Mariana Bullrich

"The joy of meeting and sharing with colleagues, now friends."

Member since 2014

Partner, Noetinger & Armando

Barone, Monica

Monica M. Barone

"The CLE, friendships and professional growth opportunities are second to none."

Member since 2008

Senior Director, Legal Counsel, Qualcomm, Inc.


David J. Kappos

"AIPLA means the world to me!"

Member since 1989

Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore

5 - Daphne C. Lainson

Daphne C. Lainson

"An organization to learn and grow, personally and professionally."

Member since 2003

Partner, Chair of the Firm, Smart & Biggar


Kevin Rhodes

"Knowledge. Development. Network."

Member since 2001

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Affairs Officer, 3M Company