IP Practice in the Far East

The Committee serves as a resource, forum, and network for AIPLA members with a personal and/or professional interest in the IP laws and systems of Asian countries, with an emphasis on South Korea and India.
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Key Initiatives

  • The Committee’s mission is to establish relations with IP associations in countries in east Asia, study and report on the IP laws and practices of those countries and provide information on US IP law and practice to interested parties from those countries.  
  • The Committee convenes a combined business and educational meeting at each of the three stated AIPLA meetings, regularly sends delegations to and accepts delegations from Asian countries, and seeks to collaborate with other Committees.

How You Can Participate

Participation is open to all AIPLA members. Become an AIPLA member and login in and join the committee in your profile. Once you join, please visit the Online Community and begin engaging with your peers.