AIPPI is an international organization, domiciled in Switzerland, of business firms, executives, lawyers, educators, patent and trademark agents, intellectual property owners, and other persons interested in the worldwide protection of patents, designs, trademarks, trade names, know how, goodwill, copyright, and other intellectual property rights and the elimination of unfair trade practices. 

Key Initiatives

  • Major activities of AIPPI include policy formulation and expression, education, and networking.
  • Much of the activity of AIPPI is carried out at its meetings, although increasing amounts of work are carried out between meetings, through committees and individual efforts.
  • In line with its primary purpose of developing and improving the protection of intellectual property, a major activity of AIPPI is policy formulation.

How You Can Participate

Join AIPPI-US and actively engage in the online community to promote better understanding of the degree of protection accorded to intellectual property. 

  1. Login in and become a member by choosing AIPPI-US in your profile.
  2. Visit the Online Community and begin engaging with your peers.


AIPLA Members who are U.S. citizens or residents are eligible to join AIPPI by joining the AIPPI-US Division. Membership in the AIPPI-US Division includes membership in the AIPPI international organization. For individuals who are not eligible to join AIPLA, may still join the AIPPI-US Division of AIPLA. Benefits for such individuals are limited to AIPPI and the AIPPI-US Division. 

Only members of AIPPI are entitled to attend the annual world Congresses and other meetings of the international organization of AIPPI. The meetings, seminars, and symposia of the AIPPI-US Division of AIPLA are open to anyone.

Classes of Membership
AIPPI -US offers individual membership for IP practitioners and other individuals. At the present time, the operating procedures of the AIPPI -US Division do not provide for a group membership applicable to law firms, law schools, and the like.

The dues are currently $220 annually for an individual membership. For members under the age of 30, dues are only $99.  To join AIPPI-US go to your AIPLA Member Profile and then add AIPPI-US under "Add a chapter".  If you need help, please contact the membership team at 703-412-4354 or

New members, those who have never previously been a member of AIPPI, are eligible to receive two years for the price of one. Join now and you won't need to renew until 2020!

We also have a discounted rate for Senior Members. Please contact us at for more information.


Chair: Marc Richards, Brinks Gilson & Lione
Vice-Chair: Chris Carani, McAndrews
Secretary: Kelly G. Hyndman, United States Department of Homeland Security
Treasurer: Dale Nelson
Immediate Past-Chair: Maria Scungio, Robinson + Cole