Chemical Practice

The business of chemistry is essential to our everyday lives and worldwide in scope.  Advances in chemistry spur new products that benefit our health, productivity, and safety and chemical innovations drive economic growth.  As such, this committee’s mission is to serve members whose work provokes and hastens ground-breaking discoveries in chemistry and launches them into emerging technologies.

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Key Initiatives

  • The committee strives to help its members achieve their business goals through education, mentoring and providing variety of resources. 
  • Seeks to assist policy leaders in maintaining an intellectual property system that stimulates and rewards innovation, and works in harmony, on a global level, with other economic systems.  

The AIPLA Chemical Practice Committee is organized into a number of Subcommittees:

  • Legal Developments Subcommittee​
  • Young Lawyers & Law Students Subcommittee​
  • Newsletter (AIPLA Chemical Practice Chronicles​) Subcommittee​
  • Professional Programs Subcommittee​
  • Communications Subcommittee​
  • International Education Subcommittee​

How You Can Participate

Participation is open to all AIPLA members. Join the committee and actively engage in the online community.

Become an AIPLA member and login in and join the Chemical Practice committee in your profile. Once you join, please visit the Online Community and begin engaging with your peers.