Committee Leadership Handbook

This Handbook is designed to help Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs, Vice Chairs and Co-Vice Chairs navigate their leadership terms.  It was created with input from the AIPLA Board of Directors, past Committee Leadership, and AIPLA Staff.  The information contained in this section is updated regularly by AIPLA Staff.

2018 Spring Meeting Committee Reports‚Äč (Coming soon)

**Click here to download the current strategic plan.

**Criteria/Checklist for Project Development and Implementation

Association Leadership

  • AIPLA Board of Directors
  • Committee Leadership Contact List (with Board Liaisons) as of 10/27/18 (Click Here)
  • List of Committees by Groupings (includes Board and Staff Liaisons) (Click Here)
    • (e.g., Content & Branding, Patent, Specialized IP, Member Services, Education Services, International)

Headquarters Staff Contact Information

Guidelines for Being a Good Committee Chair

  1. Committee Best Practices Outline (Click here)
  2. Timeline for Obtaining CLE Credit for Committee Educational Sessions (Click here)
  3. Tips for Committee Voting and Obtaining a Quorum (Click here)

Formatting Resolutions for Presentation to the Board of Directors (Click here)

Committee Reports Guidelines for the AIPLA Bulletin (Click here)

Past Action Manual  1982-2018 (Click Here) -- A listing of existing approved AIPLA Resolutions

AIPLA Strategic Plan (Click here)

Website and Email Lists information and guidance.

Membership Development Strategy for our Committee Leaders (presented 1/24/2018)

Networking & Collegiality


  • Fostering Advocacy at the Committee Level (Click here)
  • Distinction Between Voting and Non-Voting Committee Membership (Click here)
  • Procedure to Identify Issues for Legislative Initiatives (Click here)

Educational Programming: Committee Involvement

Policies and Procedures for Requesting USPTO Speakers

Diversity Statement

Committee Communications Information Guide

Additional Information

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