AIPLA is pleased to announce the launch of IP Marketplace, a web-based solution providers’ directory of IP products and services. With just a few clicks, AIPLA members and other IP practitioners around the world can easily locate the latest and most innovative IP products and services to meet their business needs.

Explore the AIPLA IP Marketplace below!

Educational Service

Engineering/Technology Consulting

Insurance/Risk Management

International Services



Reserve your IP Marketplace Listing

Contact Lisa Beller at 703-981-8440 or lbeller@aipla.org

What does my listing include?

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Website address
  • Corporate overview
  • Contact email
  • Logo
  • Web link
  • Data sheet
  • Square tile ad
  • Banner ad

Participating companies, products and services will be organized by product and service category:

  • Educational Services
  • Engineering/Technology Consulting
  • Insurance/Risk Management
    • Business Insurance
    • Personal Insurance
    • Employee Benefits
    • Retirement Planning
  • International Services
    • Filing Services
    • Patent Validation
  • Professional Services
    • Expert Witness/Subject Matter Experts
    • Administration Support Services
    • Legal Support Services
    • Illustrations [Patent]
  • Research/Data
    • Litigation Tracking
  • Software
    • Practice Management
    • IP Management
    • Systems
    • Cost Estimation
  • Translation
  • Government Agency
  • Industry Association
    • Trade [Organizations]
    • Professional [Individuals]
For information about advertising in the IP Marketplace, please contact Lisa Beller at 703-981-8440 or lbeller@aipla.org.