Professional Liability/Cyber Liability Insurance

​Cyber Liability Coverage

AIPLA is please to announce the addition of Cyber Liability Insurance. This policy offers protection for you and your clients against emerging cyber risk.

NetProtect 360® covers costs related to:

  • Privacy rights violations
  • Private action if insured fails to comply with any privacy law worldwide or their privacy policy
  • Privacy breach notification costs
  • Voluntary privacy breach notification response.

Professional Liability/Risk Management Program

​​​The AIPLA Solo Practitioners and Small Firm Professional Liability Insurance Program, as administered by Jamison, and provided through CNA gives AIPLA members access to quality coverage, as well as tailored risk management programs. The Details:

  • ​Firms with 1 to 34 attorneys where 70% of their practice is IP are be eligible. 
  • Up to $5,000,000 in limits of liability.
  • Jamison can help provide excess coverage alternatives over $5,000,000 primary coverage for firms interested in higher limits. 
  • AIPLA members who attend one of the​ specially tailored AIPLA risk management CLE seminars and online programs below are eligible for up to a 5% discount on their premium.  The 5% discount is given on a per attorney basis and only AIPLA members are eligible.

Call 1-800-526-4766 to learn how you and your firm can take advantage of this program today!​​​​​​​​​​​​

2024 CNA IP Webinars:  All times are from 2-4 pm ET

  • March 21
  • June 20
  • October 3
  • December 19

Registration Link:;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=2BEA069C-6F71-40EC-ACF5-0D047C8F7D72  

“Back to Basics: Best Practices for Your IP Setting.” 

  • Claims & Concerns – In this section, we will cover some trends and circumstances that are driving current IP claims & expectations for process and procedure (reporting potential/actual claims, timing, etc.).  Following each claim scenario, we will cover the lessons learned and best practices for being proactive to avoid the claim in the first place.

  • The Ethics of Errors - It’s not easy being an IP practitioner. We face rigid deadlines, packed calendars, and long hours. Clients are often stubborn and unforgiving, demanding 110% of our attention and expecting five-star work at 2-star prices. As practitioners are only human, even the most skilled and seasoned will inevitably, to some degree, make a mistake. A mistake may damage your case, and might also threaten your relationship with a client or even your position at a firm. But failing respond appropriately to a mistake will jeopardize your license and your career. During this section, we will consider a practitioner’s duties related to error disclosure, what exactly those duties require, and why it’s important to take these duties seriously.
  • Top Ten Tips for Responding to a Disciplinary Grievance – It is not the type of letter that any practitioner would welcome.  However, statistics show that practitioners can expect to receive at least one grievance letter or RFI from the State Bar or USPTO OED, respectively, if they practice long enough. While most of these grievances are dismissed without investigation, or after investigation with a determination that discipline is not warranted, it is critical to know how to respond properly.  During this section, we will cover some best practices on what to say and how to say it when responding to the regulatory authority. 

AIPLA has teamed with Jamison IP & Specialty Services and CNA to provide its members with an opportunity to save on professional and cyber liability insurance!
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