AIPLA Strategic Plan

The overall approach for these strategies will place an emphasis on a proactive process to determine the high level areas of focus - the human, capital and time resources will be developed with the awareness that each of these resources is finite.

Resources will remain nimble and open to changes in the landscape and requests by committees and the Board

The process for determining the proactive high level of focus will be managed by professional staff with input sought from multiple sources including Board liaisons and committees, subject to review & approval by the Board.

IP Professionals

IP Professionals will be part of an inclusive community of professionals who are well‐informed, engaged, and prepared to adapt to a changing environment. IP professionals will have access to the tools, education and resources required to continue to provide high‐quality, predictable outcomes for IP stakeholders in a rapidly changing environment.


  • Increase participation and engagement in committees.
  • Increase focus on educational programs regarding new technology, changes in law, and changing global environment.
  • Increase awareness of AIPLA benefits, advantages and value proposition.
  • More accessible and cost‐effective meetings and content.
  • Increase recognition by IP profession and law firms/corporations of the importance of devoting time and resources to professional development and external organizations.
  • More personal connections and fun, memorable experiences.

AIPLA (as an organization)

AIPLA will possess the capacity needed to effectively support the objectives of the organization.


  • Greater alignment of AIPLA’s resources (i.e. revenue and workforce) with its current and future needs.
  • Increase the capacity of the organization to support its mission and goals.
  • Increase overall participation in the organization.AIPLA will engage volunteers, staff, and leaders, and the AIPLA membership in helping identify areas of critical importance for the development and implementation of sound policies.

Government/Policy Makers

Policy makers will benefit from AIPLA’s thoughtful voice, leading to a balanced and effective IP system.


  • Increase AIPLA’s ability to influence policy and effect change.
  • Increase government advocacy and education efforts to improve policy makers’ understanding of IP issues.
  • Increase awareness among government(s).

Innovators, Creators, and the General Public

All innovators, creators, and the general public will benefit from an effective IP system, which is clear, predictable and promotes innovation, protects creativity, and facilitates consistent quality of goods and services.


  • Increase awareness of AIPLA’s advocacy and how it benefits IP owners, IP users, inventors, creators and society as a whole.
  • Increase education about the tangible and intangible benefits of IP rights and an effective IP system.
    • Increase support for more robust enforcement.
    • Increase education about the harms of counterfeiting.Governance and organizational structure will continue to be examined to streamline the operation of AIPLA.