The following summarizes the strategic goals discussed by participants, based on the environmental scan discussions that acted as a frame of reference for goal selection and strategy development.

Foundational: Activities designed to support stewardship of member resources and their application to the Mission, Mission-based Goals, and the supporting organizational structure and staff of AIPLA.
Advocacy: Activities designed to improve the legal/regulatory climate within which IP is practiced, including but not limited to, awareness, understanding and acceptance of consistent IP laws and regulations within and across relevant jurisdictions.
Membership/Community : Activities designed to improve membership acquisition and retention and to improve participants’ engagement with AIPLA.
Education: Activities designed to identify and build the IP, legal or practice, competencies of a target audience.


The overall approach for these strategies will place an emphasis on a proactive process to determine the high level areas of focus - the human, capital and time resources will be developed with the awareness that each of these resources is finite.

Resources will remain nimble and open to changes in the landscape and requests by committees and the Board

The process for determining the proactive high level of focus will be managed by professional staff with input sought from multiple sources including Board liaisons and committees, subject to review & approval by the Board.


Responsible stewardship of member resources and their application to the Mission, Mission-based Goals, and the supporting organizational structure and staff of AIPLA.


  • Provide ongoing cost/benefit analysis of AIPLA programs, services, and initiatives, identifying areas for expansion, contraction, or modification based on their success and the available or anticipated resources.
  • Support AIPLA’s human resources and technical infrastructure, enabling successful implementation of the strategic plan and satisfying the present and future needs of the membership.
  • Support sufficient financial reserves mitigating the risk of reduced member service or Mission-critical activities in the event of a substantial disruption in the operating environment. Support investments in critical multi-year infrastructure improvements with financial reserves.'
  • Review and modernize the committee structure making participation more relevant and accessible to members, and ensure that the committees support the organization’s mission-based goals.
  • Protect Brand Strength through activities designed to improve the public and/or professional credibility of AIPLA and the Association’s ability to successfully provide high quality education, influence IP policy, and attract, retain, and engage members and other stakeholders to relevant discussions.

Mission Based Goals and Strategies


The public, IP creators, and domestic and global policy makers recognize AIPLA as an effective, credible, and useful resource on intellectual property law.


  • Identify, assess, and effectively advocate on the most substantial IP legislative, regulatory, or legal issues.
  • Evaluate and contribute to relevant international discussions surrounding IP policy.
  • Proactively collaborate with key policy makers, and other relevant entities, orienting and educating them on evolving IP issues and their implications on IP legislation, regulation, and law.
  • Communicate the breadth and value of AIPLA advocacy efforts and success to members, encouraging their engagement with advocacy efforts.
  • Support and collaborate with relevant organizations on advancing the value of an effective, balanced IP system.


Diverse, engaged, and supportive network of peers committed to advancing the intellectual property law profession.


  • Support efforts creating productive professional relationships between members through face-to-face, online, and other communication media, providing opportunities for business development, professional education, career development, necessary competencies, and personal growth.
  • Promote the value of AIPLA and the impact of the Association’s contributions to members and their organizations encouraging their engagement with the Association.
  • Promote and expand diversity within the IP profession.
  • Identify emerging IP leaders, supporting their efforts to contribute to advocacy, education, and promoting the IP community.
  • Identify the value proposition and provide accessible pathways to engage, with particular emphasis on:
    • Corporate Members
    • International Members
    • Student Members


Intellectual property professionals are knowledgeable practitioners providing the highest quality IP advice and counsel.


  • Monitor emerging issues in IP law and emerging technologies, translating this information into relevant educational content.
  • Continue improving high-quality, accessible, and integrated CLE/training relevant to the diverse and global community of IP professionals through online, face-to-face, and other channels, and utilize collaborative tools that meet their evolving needs.
  • Continue providing education and resources on the unique aspects of IP practice management.
  • Continue efforts identifying and engaging underserved or underrepresented groups within the profession of intellectual property, improving their access to and participation in education efforts and in the community of IP professionals.
  • Support and collaborate with relevant organizations on educating IP Professionals.