Who We Are


AIPLA will be an innovator, powerful advocate, and visible​ global leader in intellectual property law through our commitment to education, outreach, member service, and advocacy.


We serve our members, fostering their professional and leadership development, helping nurture and mentor them as they advance within our profession, keeping them informed in an ever-evolving legal environment, and enriching the diversity of the profession in which we practice, while responding to their personal and professional needs;

We serve public policy leaders, whose mission is to develop, implement and maintain our intellectual property system, assisting them with objective and unbiased analysis, and helping establish and maintain fair and effective global laws and policies that stimulate and reward innovation and creative works in keeping with the public interest;

We serve the public, providing education as to the daily value and benefits of a strong intellectual property system that fosters incentives for creativity & innovation, while balancing the public’s interest in healthy competition, reasonable costs and basic fairness; and

We serve our association and its employees, providing sound management, financial stability, stable succession, and a vibrant, respectful and collaborative workplace environment, delivering opportunities and support for all to lead, create and thrive.​


Passion about Intellectual property

  • Enduring belief in the importance of intellectual property
  • Encompassing the full spectrum of intellectual property, with a global reach​ and a balanced pragmatic perspective
  • Demonstrating integrity, trust, objectivity by acting with clarity and transparency

A Strong Community

  • Open minded
  • Inclusive and compassionate
  • Collaborative

Committed and Visionary Professionals

  • A commitment to exceptional and pragmatic, integrated positions
  • High standards of quality and excellence
  • Demonstrating strong leadership in the field of intellectual property law
  • Seeking the engagement, development, and mentoring of future intellectual property law leaders