Wednesday Committee Educational Session

May 6, 2020 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Patent Agents/Patent Relations with USPTO (Joint Session)

A Deeper Dive on the Administrative Procedures Act: How the USPTO Uses it and What That Means For the IP Community 
Brian R. Stanton, Stanton Consulting Services, 

Balancing the Appeals and Petitions Processes: Potentials, Limits, and Minefields
Paul Kitch, Greer Burns & Crain, Chicago, IL

Obtaining Judicial Review Under the APA: Promises and Pitfalls
Andrew M. Grossman, Baker Hostetler, Washington, DC


  • Grossman Photo Grossman, Andrew M.

    Baker Hostetler | Partner

    Andrew Grossman is co-leader of the firm's national appellate practice.
  • Stanton, Brian

    Stanton Consulting | Principal

    Brian R. Stanton, Ph.D. trained as a molecular geneticist specializing in cancer research. After post graduate work utilizing embryonic stem cell technology to study animal development, he joined the US Patent and Trademark Office where he spent 12 years working in biopharmaceutical patenting.
  • Kitch Photo Kitch, Paul

    Greer Burns & Crain | Partner

    Paul R. Kitch is a partner with Greer, Burns & Crain in Chicago with significant experience in IP prosecution, litigation, and client counseling.