Stanton, Brian

Stanton Consulting | Principal

Brian R. Stanton, Ph.D. trained as a molecular geneticist specializing in cancer research.  After post graduate work utilizing embryonic stem cell technology to study animal development, he joined the US Patent and Trademark Office where he spent 12 years working in biopharmaceutical patenting.

Brian’s accomplishments at the USPTO include coauthorship of the patent examining guidelines for compliance with the utility and written description requirements of Title 35 and spearheading global studies on patent examination standards for genes and pharmaceuticals.

Brian moved from the USPTO to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Technology Transfer (NIH/OTT) in 2003.  While at OTT, he was the Director, Division of Policy and represented the NIH at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in intellectual property and technology transfer matters.

His combined experience as a scientist, administrator, leader, and advisor provides him with a unique comprehensive perspective for many areas of significant public importance – including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, government policy, public health, intellectual property, and licensing.

Beyond his current advisory roles to the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, Health Canada, and the United States government, Dr. Stanton provides consulting and expert opinion (witness) services to interested parties.

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