AIPLA Quarterly Journal Editorial Board

The AIPLA Quarterly Journal functions with the assistance of an Editorial Board that provides peer review of articles submitted for publication.
The current Editorial Board of the AIPLA Quarterly Journal consists of 19 members, including the Editor-in-Chief (who serves as Chair), two "ex officio" members (AIPLA's Deputy Executive Director of Legal Affairs and a member of the Board of Directors), and 16 regular AIPLA members, who serve non-renewable terms of three years. Each year, one-third of the Editorial Board members are replaced with new members, whose terms begin in November, following the AIPLA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. All AIPLA members who are lawyers are eligible, and members of the AIPLA Quarterly Journal Editorial Board will be selected from all interested, qualified applicants.


AIPLA is currently seeking members interested in serving on the Editorial Board of the AIPLA Quarterly Journal.  The primary duties of Editorial Board members include: 

  • soliciting manuscripts for submission to the Quarterly Journal;
  • reviewing manuscripts submitted to the Quarterly Journal;
  • selecting reviewed manuscripts for publication; and
  • editing manuscripts for substantive content.
Reviewing manuscripts submitted by authors for publication in the Quarterly Journal takes the most time. Two Editorial Board members review each manuscript, comment on the manuscript, edit the manuscript (if necessary), and indicate whether the manuscript should be selected for publication.  Board members have approximately 1–2 weeks to complete this task for each manuscript.  Over the year, a member can expect to receive 10–15 manuscripts for review.
Participation on the Editorial Board is a rewarding and educational experience.  It provides an opportunity to work with outstanding professionals with expertise in IP law to help shape the future of the Quarterly Journal. In addition, manuscripts for review are often on cutting-edge topics of interest to the intellectual property community.
Members of AIPLA interested in serving on the AIPLA Quarterly Journal Editorial Board for a three-year term beginning in November 2018 should submit the following materials electronically on or before August 31, 2018, to:
  • cover letter explaining your interest in and qualifications for participating
    on the Editorial Board, including experience with cutting-edge issues in IP law;
  • curriculum vitae; and
  • questionnaire (click HERE to download the questionnaire).

Current Editorial Board​​

Joan E. Schaffner, Chair 
AIPLA Quarterly Journal
Associate Professor of Law
The George Washington University Law School​
Washington, DC

​​​​​Meghan Donohoe (ex officio)
Arlington, VA

Steven P. Hollman 
Washington, DC

Sandra S. Lee
New York, NY

David Ludwig
Leesburg, VA

Gregory Lyons
Kensington, MD

Lisa M. Mandrusiak
Alexandria, VA

Gary Myers
Columbia, MO

Matthew S. Nelles
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jeremy Oczek
Buffalo, NY

John H. Pilarski
Milwaukee, WI

William Ralston
Carlsbad, CA

Lorelei Ritchie
Washington, DC

Bradley W. Scheer
San Jose, CA

Mark E. Ungerman
Washington, DC​

Kim Van Voorhis (ex officio)
Beaverton, OR 

Brian D. Wassom
Southfield, MI

Elizabeth Cowan Wright
Minneapolis, MN

Julie Zink
Dayton, OH