2023 Mid-Winter Institute

AIPLA 2023 Mid-Winter Institute

January 31 to February 3, 2023


Rancho Bernardo Inn
17550 Bernardo Oaks Drive

San Diego, CA, USA


Fee: TBD

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A Post-Pandemic IP Workout:  IP Through the Lens of Health, Sports, and Wellness

The past three years have been fertile ground for innovation. While we have been locked down during the Covid-19 pandemic, innovators have been bringing new products to market to help us cope with the challenges of isolation. We now have “gyms” that fit on our apartment walls and internet-connected bicycles that let us climb the Alps and take a leisurely spin through exotic locales. We have wearable technology that lets us monitor our fitness levels, heart rate, and EKGs. We even have doctors and patients now linked via telemedicine – a linkage that is facilitated by FitBits™ and video monitors.

In sports, we see new products that help athletes work at peak performance for longer periods of time. New tapes and adhesives, e.g., have been transformed into kinesiology tape to buttress our muscles. Satellite imaging and GPS tracking lets us map the progress of our daily runs and make videos to share on social media.

Each of us has been impacted by new technology that we use on a daily basis, and we have become dependent upon (and in some ways integrated with) these new tools. Tools that are subject to patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Tools that capture our personal data and send it to the ephemeral “cloud.” Tools that integrate seamlessly and transparently with our cell phones and computers and that, often unknown to the user, pierce privacy veils.

Anyone living and working in the connected world is at least vaguely aware that we are living within the “internet of things.”

In light of this, the 2023 Midwinter meeting will look at the IP world through the lens of health, sport, and fitness technology. This lens will highlight ongoing challenges in patents, such as the scope of 35 U.S.C. §101. We will look at the intersection of Patents and Trademarks in the exercise system. We will review data protections through prisms made of telehealth and sports medicine. We will have all the usual information, but package it with practical perspectives that will help not only our professional world, but also our everyday lives.

At the end of the program, participants will leave having participated in sessions that highlight and review emerging issues in IP, and seen case-studies that used current products and services to highlight IP issues that impact how we exercise, play sports, and even how we are motivated to lead healthier and active lifestyles.

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Rancho Bernardo Inn
San Diego, CA
Single/Double Room Rate, $279 plus applicable taxes.

Group Name:  AIPLA Mid-Winter Meeting
Passkey Booking Link:  https://book.passkey.com/go/AIPLAMidWinter
Reservations Cut : Monday, January 9th, 2023
Resort Fee:  WAIVED
Overnight Parking:  $40 Valet & $35 Self-Parking

Check in time: 4 PM
Check out time: 11 AM

We highly encourage your guests to book via the weblink; however, for those looking to speak with a reservations agent, please have them call 844-226-8262 and ask for the AIPLA Mid-Winter Meeting group rate. 

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Sponsoring & Exhibiting

Strengthen your company’s image via a sponsorship during the AIPLA 2023 Mid-Winter Institute. In addition to exhibiting, AIPLA offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to market your company to attendees.

If your interested in sponsorship or exhibiting at the 2023 Mid-Winter Institute, please click the link. For questions please contact Lisa Beller at 703-981-8440 or lbeller@aipla.org.



To event attendees, please note that AIPLA is aware that there are some companies that our offering to "sell" the AIPLA event attendee list.  AIPLA does not sell it's attendee lists.  This is a persistent scam.  We have attempted many times to have these companies stop contacting individuals with such an offer.  Please see this article for more information:  https://www.tsnn.com/blog/investigation-fake-list-vendors

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