2020 Virtual Design Rights Boot Camp

September 3 to 24, 2020


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2020 Design Rights Bootcamp (3)



Conquer The New Design Frontier

Strengthen your design rights skills with our virtual program.



The 3rd Annual AIPLA Design Rights Boot Camp has moved online and is now a four part, online, CLE program designed for new IP practitioners, or those new to design rights,  who wish to learn about protecting designs in all areas of IP, including copyright,  trade dress, and  design patents.   We also have a session on protecting designs in the EU, including with copyright, registered designs and unregistered designs.   

The program has lessons for both beginning practitioners and experienced practitioners that want to know more about the increasingly important area of design rights, which covers copyright, trade dress and design patents.  
Join us every Thursday in September from 12:30 - 2:00 pm EDT for the CLE programming and stick around from 2:00 - 3:00 pm for an opportunity to speak with the presenters and network with other attendees!


"The content was very good. I wish I could have been in two tracks at once." ~ 2018 Attendee



Who Should Come?


Beginning practitioners and experienced practitioners that want to know more about the increasingly important area of design rights. There will be sessions on applying for and obtaining copyright registration of designs, trade dress in designs and filing for US design patents.    There is also a session on design rights in the EU, where there have been important developments in copyright of designs, registered community designs and unregistered designs.   Any design question your client have has potential implications in all of these area, make sure you do not miss a chance to protect your clients’ important design rights.   

What We Cover

  • European Union Design rights, including copyright, registered community designs and unregistered community designs. 
  • Drafting and filing a design patent and responding to rejections 
  • Drafting and filing a trade dress application, and responding to rejections 
  • Drafting and filing a copyright application, responding to rejections and Information on Content Management Information (CMI) and ways it allows you to protect copyrights that were not registered prior to infringement 


Event Program


Design Protection in Europe - September 3rd

  • Registered Community Designs
  • European Copyright in Designs

Moderated by: Elizabeth Isaac, Dunlap Codding, P.C.

Dr. Henning Hartwig, Bardehle Pagenberg
Dr. Peter Schramm, Meyerlustenberger Lachenal AG

Copyright in Designs -  September 10th

  • Copyright 101 – including preparing and filing a copyright application
  • Advanced Copyright in Designs  including responding to rejection

Moderated by: Pina M. Campagna, Carter, DeLuca & Farrell LLP

Lauren Emerson, Leason Ellis
Garfield Goodrum, Goodrum Design Law

Design Patents - September 17th

  • Design patents 101- including the basics of drafting and filing a design patent application
  • Advanced design patent prosecution including responding to objections and rejections

Moderated by:  Trevor Copeland, Brinks Gilson, & Lione


Craig Mueller, FisherBroyles
James Aquilina, Quarles & Brady LLP

Trade Dress in Designs - September  24th

  • Preparation and filing of a trade dress application at the USPTO
  • Advanced trade dress prosecution including responding to a USPTO rejections

Moderated by: Robert L. Lichter, Lando & Anastasi, LLP

Darren S. Cahr, Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP
Sarah Schneider, Sheridan and Ross


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