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AIPLA Front & Center Webinar Series - Know Thy Client: Practical Tips for Strengthening the Outside/Inside Counsel Relationship

July 23, 2020 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)


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Member-benefit exclusive!  A presentation from the Front & Center Discussion Series. No CLE credit available. 


This webinar will discuss:

(1) how inside counsel can develop better relationships with their outside practitioners, drive more effective and efficient legal support and create a more fun and emotionally rewarding relationship; 

(2) how outside practitioners can maintain and develop better relationships with in-house counsel to drive consistent and long term legal work while providing personal enjoyment when performing that work. 

We will also address how these relationships and interactions have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and what you can do now that traditional interpersonal interactions, meetings and networking have changed.

Our webinar is directed to:

(a) practitioners seeking a better understanding of how to develop and maintain their client base; 

(b) in-house and outside practitioners trying to understand how to get more satisfaction from the practitioner/client relationship; and

(c) in-house counsel trying to receive greater efficiency and effectiveness from their outside practitioners while still maintaining an enjoyable relationship.

Presented by Jessica Ergmann of Arctic Fox, Inc.; Marc Adler of Marc Adler, LLC; and Robert Deberardine of Johnson & Johnson

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