Selinger, Elise

Caterpillar, Inc. | Corporate Counsel

An intellectual property attorney driven by a passion for technology

From her decade of experience as a materials engineer to her law practice today, Elise has always been driven by analyzing and improving technologies.

Elise is currently lead IP Legal Counsel at DexCom.  Prior to this, Elise prepared and prosecuted patent applications at Patterson + Sheridan with an emphasis in semiconductors, telecommunications, medical devices, electronics, oilfield technology, consumer products and the mechanical arts. She  also worked on trademark, trade secret and licensing matters in addition to providing freedom-to-operate and patentability guidance.

Elise’s professional experience ranges from working for major national brands to working with consumer startups and brand owners. She has crafted patents to protect consumer technologies such as moisture-wicking sports apparel and fingerprint-resistant electronic screens, as well as commercial products like downhill drilling tools for oil and gas companies and virtual whiteboards for enterprise and consumer use.

Where materials engineering and IP law intersect

Prior to her legal practice, Elise worked as a process engineer and project manager for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, focusing mainly on validation, product transfers and product redesigns. She developed fabrication and quality control programs for components used in the auto and aerospace industries as well as components employed in medical devices, including instrumentation, implants and diagnostics.

Her engineering experience has shaped Elise’s IP law practice, as she can relate to both inventors and in-house counsel alike. She knows what goes into infringement-driven redesigns because she’s been on both sides of the issue. She has interacted with federal agencies like the FDA before and understands how federal regulations affect the development of technology.

Approachability, teamwork and self-awareness: A practice philosophy built on dedication

Elise doesn’t focus on churning applications for the sake of meeting a quota; she is deeply invested in the success of her clients’ inventions. She’s not afraid to admit when she doesn’t understand something and will ask questions to get the answers her clients need.

She prides herself on her ability to interact with people from a wide range of technical backgrounds and translate their work into patentable inventions. And clients appreciate her responsiveness — when Elise says she will call you back, you can count on it.

Elise is committed to advancing the legal profession and making IP law more relatable. As a leader in various legal organizations, she conducts local outreach and speaks about IP at schools and to entrepreneurs and brand owners. She also helped quadruple the number of “World IP Day” events across the U.S. in conjunction with the USPTO and WIPO to promote public knowledge of IP. In her free time, Elise loves to travel — from spending time in the mountains to snorkeling in the islands — and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.