Polson, Margaret

Polson Intellectual Property Law | Founder and Senior Partner

Margaret Polson, Founder and Senior Partner for Polson Intellectual Property Law, leads the firm in authority and expert knowledge of intellectual property law. Overseeing the preparation and prosecution of utility and design patent applications, trademarks, and copyrights, she also assists clients with licensing and intellectual property strategy and management. With a sensible approach and depth of experience, she adeptly manages the competitive landscape of each undertaking.

In the United States, Ms. Polson has drafted, prosecuted and enforced utility patents for diverse clients and obtained patents in a wide variety of technical areas, from drilling tools to computer controlled rock saws, complex amusement rides, and vegetable-based engine oil. She helps multinational corporations protect their intellectual property worldwide, including IP strategy, patent portfolio management, and enforcement.

Ms. Polson also specializes in helping startups spend their limited intellectual property budget wisely, having counseled hundreds of startups and individual inventors during her career.

Ms. Polson also has obtained hundreds of design patents for her clients on a wide variety of commercial products.   Ms. Polson’s practice also covers concerns such as prosecution, invalidation and opinion works, and industrial design as well as trademark matters.

Globally, Ms. Polson’s practice maintains a strong energetic presence in international intellectual property law, including both prosecution and litigation.

Ms. Polson is the immediate past Chair of the Industrial Designs Committee of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) and the Chair of the Education Subcommittee of the Industrial Designs committee.  She is also the vice chair of the speaker vetting committee for the Professional Programs committee, the vice chair of the pro bono committee and a member of the Ethics and Professionalism committee.

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