Marr, David

Qualcomm Inc. | Vice President, Legal Counsel

Dave Marr is Vice President, Legal Counsel at Qualcomm Technologies, where he currently leads the open source practice and policy team, supporting product development teams, patent licensing, and standards development.  He has been practicing in the open source legal field since 1998, delivering strategic advice to organizations and running open source legal operations.  Dave writes and speaks regularly on FOSS-related issues, their interaction with standard-setting, technology transfer best practices, licensing business models, and other subjects at the intersection of law and high technology.

Prior to Qualcomm Technologies, Dave previously worked at various technology companies including Sun Microsystems, and while there he was the lead attorney responsible for the release of key software products under open source licenses including: Java (one of the most popular programming languages still today), OpenSPARC (a RISC-based hardware architecture under an open source license), and Solaris (a then-leading edge operating system released under its own open source license).

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