Marina V. Zalevsky

Sughrue Mion PLLC, | Counsel

Marina Zalevsky is counsel in the electrical mechanical practice group where her practice is focused on patent prosecution matters.  She works specifically in the area of electrical and electro-mechanical arts and she has prepared a significant number of patent applications for clients in these technology areas.  She has also drafted over 100 applications in medical technologies, including CT scanning, nuclear medicine, radiology treatments and MRI.  In addition to patent prosecution, Ms. Zalevsky is involved in opinion work regarding patentability, clearance, infringement, validity and enforceability. 

Ms. Zalevsky has technical expertise in medical technology and devices, medical imaging and engineering, radiation technology, computer software and hardware, electronics, semiconductor, fiber optics, solid state devices, optics, image processing, computer-based control systems, and sensors.  In addition,  she shows expertise in Machine Vision/Robotics/Control systems engineering for battery production facilities and project management with commended performance and skills

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