Leaper, Matthew

DataFeel | Founder & CEO

Matthew Leaper is the Founder and CEO of DataFeel® - a B2B company working to commercialize a proprietary line of haptic technologies with broad applications in communications and therapy. Mr. Leaper is a registered professional engineer (NE, Mechanical) and patent attorney (USPTO, NJ, NY) with 10,000+ hours of billable experience at boutique intellectual property law firms on the American East Coast and the Canadian West Coast. He founded the company in 2017 and has been building its IP portfolio ever since, resulting in two issued US patents across six open patent families in Canada, Europe, and the US with dozens of pending or allowed claims and trademark protections in nine countries around the world. To help maximize the company’s investment capital, Matthew also runs a small IP law practice with a dozen or so corporate clients in Canada and the US, allowing him to share best practices earned from working on both sides of the aisle. When not building the company or billing clients, he is an avid yogi, painter, and snowboarder who travels regularly with his fiancé Megan to destinations suitable for those pursuits.