Gallagher, Patrick C.

Duane Morris, LLP | Partner

Patrick C. Gallagher, Ph.D., chairs the Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Litigation and Regulatory group of Duane Morris' global Intellectual Property practice and serves as a team lead for the Life Sciences and Medical Technologies industry group. He practices in the area of intellectual property and regulatory law assisting pharmaceutical companies, compounding pharmacies, and others in the agricultural, chemical, and biotechnology industries with intellectual property and regulatory matters. Dr. Gallagher assists clients with prevention and resolution of disputes and advises on best practices for gaining competitive advantage through development of a coordinated intellectual property and regulatory strategy. Dr. Gallagher regularly advises clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries on strategies to develop intellectual property that delivers competitive advantage in the marketplace coordinated with strategies that will most efficiently navigate the various regulatory pathways for pharmaceutical, biologic, and biosimilar medications. Dr. Gallagher has been involved in all aspects of patent and trade secrets litigation to execute on those intellectual property strategies.  Dr. Gallagher also counsels both pharmaceutical companies and compounding pharmacies on compliance with applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations as well as applicable state laws and regulations enforced by State Boards of Pharmacy. Dr. Gallagher also regularly advises veterinary compounding pharmacies with respect to differences in applicable regulations for compounded medications intended for veterinary use, and development of business practices to comply with applicable regulations understanding the nature of veterinary medical practice served by compounding pharmacies.

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