Ciesliga, Camille

MaxCyte, Inc. | Associate General Counsel, Intelletual Property

Camille Ciesliga is Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property for MaxCyte, Inc., a global cell engineering company driving the next generation of cell-based medicines based on proprietary flow electroporation technology.  Ms. Ciesliga is a registered patent attorney with over 16 years of relevant legal experience providing strategic counseling relating to all aspects of intellectual property, including patent procurement, opinions drafting, client counseling, and litigation. She provides legal guidance to the business leaders and executives at MaxCyte, while managing the company’s extensive global intellectual property portfolio.  Ms. Ciesliga drafts and negotiates licenses and other transactional agreements with leading biotechnology companies and universities.  She has extensive experience in a broad range of technological fields, including molecular and cellular biology, immunology, chemistry, medical devices, diagnostic instruments and immunological assays, food science, polymers, materials and ceramics.  Prior to joining MaxCyte, she served as in-house counsel to another biotechnology company, worked in various patent boutique law firms and had a solo patent practice in the Washington, DC metro area. 

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