Brody, Tom

Affiliated with Patnstr, APC | Independent Consultant

Tom received his undergrad degree and graduate degree at U.C. Berkeley.  After undergrad school, he pursued an academic career for 15 years, where he did research experiments in biochemistry, organic chemistry, and molecular biology.  As part of his mobio work, he cloned a newly discovered gene (XPE gene), which encodes a DNA repair protein.  Also, as part of Tom's academic career, he published a biochemistry textbook, a medical textbook, and a pharmacology textbook.  At a turning point, he audited three courses in patent law at the law school at U.C. Berkeley, which enabled him to pass the patent bar exam.  To date, Tom has prosecuted about 300 patent applications, relating to immunology (vaccines, antibodies, CAR T-cells), organic chemistry, medical devices, as well as recombinant bacteria, proteins, and nucleic acids.  Tom's law firm employment was at Baker Hostetler and Coudert Brothers.  His industry employment (for patent work) was at Schering-Plough (now Merck), Cerus Corporation, and Plexium, Inc.  Presently, Tom is an independent consultant doing patent prosecution work for four different companies in southern California.  Tom has 18 years of patenting experience in biotechnology, immunology (vaccines, antibodies, CAR T-cells, dendritic cells), organic chemistry, medical devices, and mechanical devices.  To date, he has published 17 articles on patent law (each, 80-120 pages).  These were published in JPTOS and in John Marshall Review of I.P. Law.  For one of his articles, he received the annual Rossman Award and he gave an acceptance speech at the USPTO.  Another of Tom's articles was characterized as an "Authority," in a Brief of Amicus Curiae submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court (Nautilus v. Biosig).  Another article was characterized as an "Authority," in a Writ of Ceriorari submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court (Nidec Motor v. Ocean Motor).  And another two of his articles were cited in opinions handed down by the U.S. District Court N.D. Illinois.