Blaszkowsky, David

Helios Data | Head of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs

David Blaszkowsky heads strategy and regulatory affairs for Helios Data, Inc..  Helios Data is a Palo Alto-based personal data privacy-enhanced computing and compliance technology company focused on secure data sharing and the elimination of usage risk for personal and proprietary data (e.g., for analytics, commercialization, digitalization).  The Helios Data platform is a digital-contract governed secure computing enclave that can be set up instantly between any sharing parties, and which provides Privacy-by Design controls that enable data insights to be extracted with no risk that underlying data (or the algorithm applied to it) can ever be viewed, used, or abused by either counterparty or 3rd parties. What legal contracts or policies document, the Helios Data platform can monitor, measure, and enforce.

David has held corporate leadership roles relating to the management, commercialization, and regulation/compliance of sensitive and personal data and business intelligence for 30 years.  He led programs for privacy technology (co-leading Accenture privacy platform practice), data governance (founding State Street’s data governance organization) and financial and business data and analytics (product and GM roles at Standard & Poor’s and McGraw-Hill).  David was appointed by then-Chairman Cox  to lead the US Securities and Exchange’s structured data and disclosure modernization (XBRL) program, where he also led the development of other standards such as the Legal Entity Identifier (ISO 17442). He managed the stand-up of data, standardization, and governance programs at the US Treasury’s new Office of Financial Research following Dodd-Frank.  David has also held consulting and management roles at McKinsey & Co., PWC, and Gemini, and led FinTech innovation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition to his Kellogg degree, David also has a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago, and is based outside of Boston, MA