AIPLA Comments to Copyright Office on Group Registration of Updates to a News Website

Written February 22, 2024

Arlington, VA. February 20, 2024 - The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) submitted comments in response to the U.S. Copyright Office's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking related to group registration of updates to a news website. 


AIPLA supports a new proposal for group registration, while offering some suggested improvements. The comments highlight concerns regarding the definition of "news website," urging clarity to avoid excluding industry-specific sites. Additionally, it suggests broadening the definition of "website" to encompass various content elements not necessarily accessed via a common domain name. The statement advocates for optional provision of additional information, such as individual articles or photograph titles, in group registration, emphasizing that mandatory requirements could hinder the purpose of the regulation. It also calls for revisiting regulations influenced by technological limitations and suggests extending the proposal to cover other rapidly changing content categories beyond news reporting. 



Please download the comments posted to the right of this page to view in full.