AIPLA Comments to ITA-NIST-USPTO on Collaboration Initiative Regarding Standards

Written November 8, 2023

Arlington, VA. November 6, 2023 - The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) submitted comments to the US Patent and Trademark Office on a joint ITA-NIST-USPTO collaboration initiative regarding standards.

The comments underscore AIPLA’s support for incentivizing research and development investment in Critical Emerging Technologies (CETs) and emphasize the importance of maintaining the voluntary, consensus-based standards system in the US. The comments acknowledge the significance of intellectual property rights and patents in fostering innovation and participation in standards development, and advocate for US policies that align with international law and norms to maintain consistency and harmonization in patent rights and in governance and policies of international standards bodies. Furthermore, the comments encourage a fact-based approach to policymaking to preserve incentives for R&D investments, urging caution in any government intervention and suggesting the use of pilot testing before implementing any regulatory changes. AIPLA offers its expertise and support in developing policies that protect intellectual property rights and promote innovation in CETs and looks forward to contributing to the development of policies that bolster the US' technological leadership.


To view the complete comments, please download the comment letter posted to the right of this page.