USPTO Announces 2020 Patents for Humanity Winners

Written August 28, 2020

The USPTO on August 26, 2020, announced the latest winners of the Patents for Humanity program, a USPTO initiative promoting game-changing innovations that address long-standing development challenges.

Global Vision 2020 (Maryland) won for developing the USee Vision Kit, which provides prescription eyeglasses cost-effectively to hundreds of people, particularly in remote parts of the world.

Sisu Global (Maryland) won for creating the Hemafuse, a highly effective, mechanical alternative to transfusing donor blood.

Sanaria Inc. (Maryland) won for developing a whole parasite vaccine for malaria. 

Flexcrevator (North Carolina) won for creating a machine that enables fast, safe, and hygienic fecal sludge removal, surpassing manual emptying.

NEWgenerator (Florida) won for utilizing state-of-the-art membrane bioreactor technology to create a machine capable of the simultaneous recovery of nutrients, energy, and water from wastewater.

And Nonspec (Massachusetts) won for providing affordable and highly adjustable prosthetic limb systems to amputees that can be taken off the shelf and adjusted in under an hour to those in need.