AIPLA Co-Sponsors World IP Day Events

Written May 1, 2019

AIPLA co-sponsored two spectacular events in Washington DC in celebration of World IP Day.

The first event took place at USPTO headquarters on April 22. Shawn Springs, entrepreneur and former professional football player, spoke to the audience about Windpact, a company focused on impact protection. Winpact’s patented “Crash Cloud™” technology is used in helmets to prevent traumatic head injuries.

At the second event on April 29, 2019 on Capitol Hill, keynote speaker Dr. Phil Wagner, CEO of Sparta Science, demonstrated his company’s force plate technology, which helps predict injury risks for athletes.

Other speakers included Deputy Director of the USPTO Laura Peter, Deputy Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization John Sandage, and AIPLA Executive Director Lisa K. Jorgenson. House IP Subcommittee Chairman Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), and House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Colins (R-Ga.) also gave remarks during the event. Several exhibitors, including Achushnet, ESA, NBA, and Sparta Science, demonstrated how sports businesses use intellectual property.