2019 Report of the Economic Survey September 2019

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The bi-ennial Report of the Economic Survey is one of the premier and most sought-after publications of the Association. The Economic Survey’s results are often cited in judicial opinions, analyzed by research firms, and used by law firms alike. Current AIPLA members can access the Report online - for free!

AIPLA 2019 Report of the Economic Survey - Table of Contents

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We've made a number of enhancements to the 2019 Report based on feedback from our members.  As the professions changes over time, we're trying to stay ahead of the curve and capture information that will help our members see how their work experience stacks up with others.  We've updated the primary practice categories and added questions about remote work, among other things. 

The Report's format is consistent with previous reports, starting with individual information broken down by practitioner practice type, and then examining:

• typical charges for law services,
• typical types of fees for law-service charges,
• typical costs of litigation, and
• characteristics of firms.

New this year: We've added data on the following:

• IP Budgets for US and non-US prosecution
• Discounted Hourly Billing Rates
• A new section within the "trademark typical charges" related to preparing and filing assignments
• Eight new charges were added to the US Utility Patent section
• A new section on charges for Filing US Applications Abroad
• The section addressing design patents was expanded to include charges for formal drawings, preparing and filing international design applications under the Hague Agreement, and responding of Office Actions.
• Transactional work, including due diligence, and preparing licenses including negotiations
• Post-Grant Proceeding information was broken out in more detail by technology.

AIPLA would like to thank Frank L. Gerratana and Arlene Neal, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Law Practice Management Committee, Stephanie Sanders and Ariana Fleishman, the Economic Survey Subcommittee Co-Chairs,  and all of the members of the Committee for their hard work in putting this publication together. We are pleased to continue bringing you this valuable member benefit. We hope that you find the Report a useful reference tool in your practice.

Note: The online edition of the Report is protected from copying, editing, and printing. If you are in need of unprotected pages, please contact aipla@aipla.org, and state your reasons along with a list of desired pages numbers.

Knobbe Martens

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