2013 Report of the Economic Survey August 2013

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The Report of the Economic Survey provides an in-depth report on the annual incomes and related professional characteristics of intellectual property attorneys and patent agents. Conducted every other year, the survey also examines the economic aspects of intellectual property law practice, including individual billing rates and typical charges for representative IP law services

New this year: The 2013 Report provides color graphs linked to detailed data profiles for the following six major practice types: Solo Practitioner; Private Firm, Partner/Shareholder; Private Firm, Associate; Head of Corporate IP Department; Attorney, Corporate IP Department, and Corporate and Private Patent Agents.

The Report also contains the costs in the different regions of the country for filing a patent application or registering a copyright or trademark.
AIPLA thanks David A. Divine, Chair of the Law Practice Management Committee, Richard W. Goldstein, Vice Chair of the Law Practice Management Committee and all of the members of the Committee for their hard work in putting this publication together.
Knobbe Martens

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