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AIPLA Committee Webinars

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Many of AIPLA's 50+ Committees regularly host webinars focused on the subject matter areas in which
they are experts.  Many of these webinars are a free, member-exclusive offering!


Not Just Blowing Smoke: The Pitfalls and Opportunities for Protecting IP In the Emerging US Cannabis Industry​ 


As federal and state governments battle it out over the legality of plants of the genus Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, businesses in decriminalized states find themselves in a bind when it comes to the largely federal body of intellectual property law. A panel of distinguished experts will discuss developments on what can and cannot be protected, and the risks and benefits of seeking such protection.

Speakers:  Katherine Koenig of Christopher & Weisberg, P.A.; Reggie Gaudino of Steep Hill Labs, Inc.; and ​Kieran Doyle of Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman’, P.C​

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 ​ ​Air Date - April 18, 2018​   


Opinions of Counsel: US and EP Perspectives​​​ 


Opinions of counsel are a valuable component of a company’s IP strategy, but determining when to seek a legal opinion can be challenging.  Even more difficult for multinational companies is how to navigate different legal landscapes.  The content and format of opinions play an important role in their effectiveness towards mitigating risk.  This webinar will cover the different types of patent opinions and the how/what/when/why of seeking legal assessments related to a patent portfolio.  The speakers will discuss considerations for seeking opinions of counsel from both U.S. and European perspectives, and highlight recent updates in the law relevant to patent strategy in each jurisdiction.

Speakers:  Sarah Grant of Strategem IPM and ​Kirsten Johnson of Bookoff McAndrews PLLC​

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  Air Date - April 25, 2018​  ​


From Drones to Rockets to Driverless Cars – IP is in the Air 


This webinar will discuss the role and importance of IP with respect to specific advances in technology. What are the limits of patent enforcement in outer space? What will the future hold as the use of drones becomes more prominent? What helpful lessons can be extracted from the recently-settled feud between Uber and Waymo? Join us as three distinguished speakers discuss how advances in technology is putting IP in the air!

Speakers: Melissa Coombes of Lee & Hayes; Ted Ro of NASA; James Pooley of James Pooley and Letao Qin (moderator) of Rimon, P.C.

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 ​ ​Air Date - May 9, 2018​  ​


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