Michael Lampert



New York, NY
Phone: (646)270-9728

Arbitration/Mediation of trade secret, trademark/trade dress, copyright disputes. Rendered many awards in London and NY and mediated many cases in NY. Was Deputy General Counsel of BGC Partners, , a NASDAQ listed company. Also headed dispute resolution globally for its affiliate Cantor Fitzgerald. In 2007 CF/BGC's' Chair recruited me as DGC (after 15 years as one of its principal outside counsel), In-house my responsibilities were broad based, geographically and in areas of law. From 2008-12 I spent about 1/3 of each year in London, and managed litigation, arbitration, mediation, employment and other matters in the U.K., France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Japan and several other countries. Supervised litigators, employment and patent.

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