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March 09
Requesting Speakers from the USPTO For Your Program

​It is very common for Committees seek speakers from theJC3_2938web.jpg government for their programs, many of whom come from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In order to decrease the burden on the USPTO, any requests to have a speaker from the USPTO for your program, at a stated meeting or otherwise, must be coordinated through AIPLA Headquarters. We are able to present the requests to the USPTO in a consolidated way that minimizes the opportunities for confusion or conflict.

In advance of each AIPLA Stated Meeting, the deadline for USPTO Speaker Requests is established by the Professional Programs Committee (or Planning Committee Leadership for the Mid-Winter Institute) and distributed to all committee leaders. Please ensure that your request includes the name(s) of the speaker(s) from the USPTO that you would like to invite as well as the topic you would like them to address. The Committee Leadership Handbook details the procedure to requesting a USPTO Speaker.

View the Procedure Document for Further Information


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