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Special Committee on Publications

We are tasked with identifying, supporting, and encouraging AIPLA members to write books.  This microsite contains documents to help members interested in writing books understand the process and provide a guide to the steps and effort involved in writing a book.  Committee members are available as mentors and to help provide resources that can help authors in the task of pitching a book idea and actually publishing the book. See for a list of co-published books with BNA.​


 Committee Announcements

Announcement Description

Our first year as a committee resulted in the identification of several new exciting publications that are in process.  We want to build on that success to fill a pipeline of books to jointly publish with BNA to provide AIPLA members a source of IP related reference books. Check our microsite for helpful resources:
In the coming year, our mission is to create a robust pipeline of publications for increasing publication revenue, providing educational resources for members, the community, and the public, and providing a robust channel for AIPLA authors to publish.  Resources, both written and human will be provided to support authors during all stages of the publication process, including manuscript review, mentorship, and idea support for initial creation as well as supplements and updates.
The committee members, listed below, are available to help, encourage, and mentor members in writing books and getting them published.  We need the members of AIPLA to contact any of us with suggestions for books, suggestions for authors, questions about writing books, and for resources to help with writing books.  We will take it from there.
Chair:                    Brad Forrest
Vice Chair:           Michael Piper
Members:                     Alan Kasper
David Kappos
Troy Grabow
Michael B. Stewart
Mercedes K. Meyer
Robert Payne
Robert H. Sloss
Roxana Sullivan
Board Liaison:    Kim VanVoorhis
Staff Liaison:      James Crown
President:           MarkDenise DeFranco
Everyone has a book inside!  We can help you let it out.

 Committee Documents

000 Roadmap for group authored books.pdf
12/12/2017 11:01 AMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
01 Writing Guidelines for Authors.pdf
1/8/2017 8:04 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
02 Legal Style Rules.pdf
1/8/2017 8:05 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
03 File Formatting Guidelines.pdf
1/8/2017 8:06 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
04 Manuscript Checklist.pdf
1/8/2017 8:07 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
05 How to Use the Chapter Template.pdf
1/8/2017 8:07 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
06 Chapter Template Sample.pdf
1/8/2017 8:08 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
07 Chapter Template.doc
1/8/2017 8:09 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
2016 MidWinter Meeting Report.pdf
2/26/2016 5:07 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
2016-17 Special Committee on Publications Report and Workplan.docx
10/19/2016 3:28 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
12/10/2015 2:19 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
BBNA Book Style Guidance 2015 Summary.docx
12/10/2015 2:15 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
New-Treatise-Questionnaire Template 2015.doc
12/10/2015 2:17 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest
12/10/2015 2:14 PMNo presence informationBrad Forrest