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Presence and Branding Subcommittee

Women in IP Law Presence and Branding Subcommittee

A Message from our Chair

Thank you for your interest in AIPLA’s Women in IP Law Presence and Branding Subcommittee! Our goal is to keep the committee members informed of all the exciting work all the other subcommittees do. We achieve this through a number of outlets, such as:

•    Social Media, 
•    Blog and Newsletter, 
•    Microsite,
•    Lyris list emails, and
•    Sponsorship recognition.

Information about each of these outlets is provided below. If you would like additional information and/or to get involved, please contact me any time at your convenience.

Hetal Kushwaha
Marks & Clerk Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Phone: 1.613.236.9561, ext. 3251
hetal Kushwaha2.JPG

Project Spotlight

Amy E. Schmid - Partner at Wenderoth


How did you get involved in WIIP?

I attended the Women in IP Breakfast at the Annual AIPLA meeting in 2015.  I was inspired to meet so many amazing women during the breakfast, and to listen to the success stories and guidance provided by the panel of speakers.  Toward the end of the breakfast, the organizers encouraged women who wished to get involved to leave their business cards on their table.  I did so, and was contacted by Randi Karpinia shortly thereafter.  Randi welcomed me to the group, introduced the projects of the Women in IP Committee, and asked me where I might like to serve.  I joined the Professional & Personal Development Subcommittee, and have thoroughly enjoyed working together our chair, Jess Ergmann, and other remarkable women in the IP community.  


What are you working on at WIIP?

I lead the Woman to Watch Program.  Each quarter we honor a woman who works towards the empowerment of women, strives to increase diversity, and shows strength through leadership.  The women are nominated by their peers, and then asked to describe themselves in their own words.  The written interview is published on each of the Women in IP Committee’s social media sites and the blog.  It has been inspirational to read about the mentoring, guidance, leadership and success being achieved by women in our community.  Our selection committee has a daunting task to choose one woman to highlight each quarter, as each nominee is extraordinary in her own right.  


If someone wants to get involved, how can they reach you?

I can be reached by email at or by phone at 202-721-8210.

Marks & Clerk Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Phone: 1.613.236.9561, ext. 3251
hetal Kushwaha2.JPG

Social Media

Our social media coordinator is Tiffany Fidler.  Tiffany is responsible for disseminating content to members using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Social Media provides a presence for WIIP on various social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook,
and Twitter to provide information to our members, update members on upcoming activities and events, request input or feedback from our members, allow for member interaction and access to content, and provide a mechanism for the information to be shared outside the committee.  Stay up to date and join us, like us, or follow us!

Interested in Joining?

Contact our Chair, Jessica Ergmann.

Tiffany A. Fidler, Ph.D.
Brooks Kushman, P.C.
1000 Town Center, 22nd Floor | Southfield, MI  48075
Phone: (248) 358-4400

tiffany fidler.jpg

Blog and Newsletter

Our Communication Coordinator, Kandis Gibson, is responsible for maintaining the block and creating a newsletter 3x per year.

Click here to read our Spring 2017 Newsletter
Click here to read our Winter 2016 Newsletter
Click here to read our Fall 2016 Newsletter.
Click here to read our 2016 Spring Newsletter.
Click here to read our 2015 Special Edition Newsletter.
Click here to read our 2015 Networking Newsletter.
Click here to read our 2014 Networking Newsleter.

Interested in Joining?

Contact our Chair, Kandis Gibson.

Foster, Murphy, Altman & Nickel, PC
1899 L Street, NW, Suite 1150
Washington, DC  20036
Phone: 202-822-4106

kandis gibson.jpg              


Our Microsite Manager is Arlene Neal, and she is responsible for liaising with AIPLA IT to maintain the committee microsite with updated information.

Interested in Joining?

Contact our Chair, Arlene Neal.


Arlene Neal

Neal Blibo, LLP
Washington DC, USA
Phone: 1.202.595.1520


Sabrina Miller is in charge of publishing Project Spotlights and campaigns detailing the amazing work and events going on with the committee.  Sabrina also serves as our Internal communications coordination and support and is responsible for managing internal communication between subcommittees within WIIP to maximize committee project exposure and collaboration.
nterested in Joining?

Contact our Chair, Sabrina Miller.


Sabrina Miller
Phone 773-895-2344

sabrina miller.jpg


Sponsorship Recognition Coordinator

Our Sponsorship Recognition Coordinator is Katherine Koenig, and she works with other subcommittee members to ensure WIIP event sponsors are recognized through various means.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

Contact our Chair, Katherine Koenig


Katherine Koenig
Christopher & Weisberg, P.A 
Florida, US 
Phone: (954) 828.1488

Katherine Koenig.png