TM5: "Continuation/Expansion Bad Faith Project (May 21, 2017)"

Announcement Description

​TM5: "Continuation/Expansion Bad Faith Project"

The JPO is the lead office in a TM5 project entitled, "Continuation/Expansion Bad Faith."  According to the TM5 website, the project's objectives are to "share information among partner offices on (1) laws and regulations, (2) examination practices and (3) issues regarding bad-faith trademark filings" and "raise user awareness on ways they can respond to bad-faith trademark filings."  In addition to the information and documents that have been posted on the TM5 website since the project's inception, the PDF document entitled, "Case Examples [JPO, KIPO, EUIPO, SAIC and USPTO] of Bad-Faith Trademark Filings (May 21, 2017)" may be found here.




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