Madrid System:  Member Profiles Database Goes Online - 2017

Announcement Description

 WIPO's Member Profiles Database for the Madrid System Goes Online

Periodically, the International Bureau requests that the IP offices of the Contracting Parties of the Madrid System provide information about their respective trademark laws and examination procedures as they relate to the Madrid System.  This information is now available in a new and more powerful format: the Member Profiles Database (MPD). 

The MPD allows users to retrieve specific or all information about one or more or all Contracting Parties.  The results can be converted into a PDF file and downloaded.  For more information on how it works, see the "Member Profiles Database Quick Start Guide." 

While not an official publication, the MPD databse may prove to be a useful and low-cost way to get an initial idea of what to expect or where further investigation might be needed.

Information about the recent changes in WIPO's Madrid E-Services in general, as well as the launching of the MPD in particular, may be found here.




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