Trademark Litigation Committee Conference Call - December 9, 2016 at 3pm Eastern Time

Announcement Description

Dial In: 1-641-715-0861

Access Code: 182582#



1. Introductions

 2. Subcommittees/Ongoing Projects

          a.  Federal Circuit Map of Legal Standards – Updates  (Dean Eyler  Subcommittee Chair)

          b.  Jury Instructions (Jim Goggin – Subcommittee Chair)

          c.  B&B Hardware Collateral Estoppel Chart (Sean Garrison)

          d.  Amicus Review Subcommittee – (Bart Rankin - Subcommitte Chair)

                    -Belmora v. Bayer A.G. (Flanax case)

                    -SunEarth, Inc., et al v. Sun Earth Solar Power Co., Ltd (Octane Fitness applied to Lanham                               Act)


          e.  Suggestions for other potential projects/subcommittees

                    - Sample Pleadings Updates?

                    -  Regional/Local Events?

                    -  Education & Event Planning?

                    -  Newletter

3.  Mid-Winter Institute February 1-4, 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale


4.  Open Discussion


5.  Next Call: January 13, 2017 3PM Eastern Time (Second Friday of the Month)​




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