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Become a Mentor or Mentee

or Both!

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Mentoring under the AIPLA Mentoring Committee includes:

  • Commitment and follow-through between a Mentor and a Mentee
  • A number of uninterrupted mentoring sessions
  • Frequency at the convenience of the Mentor and Mentee

During the Mentoring Sessions:

The Mentor assists and guides a Mentee:
  • With AIPLA and intellectual property career topics of interest to the Mentee
  • Optionally in other situations where the Mentee needs coaching or direction

The Pairing Subcommittee:

To facilitate appropriate pairings of Mentors and Mentees, we have formed a Pairing Subcommittee.
  • The Committee has developed a survey for the purpose of determining Mentor/Mentee pairs based on common interests.
  • The survey will appear in the Committee Documents area for downloading and filling out the survey for e-mailing to Hetal.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Please contact:
  • Chair: Jenae Gureff p: 703-236-4500, ext. 4107 ;                       ​
  • Vice-Chair: Randi Karpinia p: 954-723-3682; e-mail: