2016 meeting issues


​​2016-Mid-winter meeting- Joint Education session-

Biotechnology, Chemical Practice/Licensing Management of IP Assets Committees
Title: Exactly Who Has the Right to Exclude? An Intellectual Property Case Study On Ownership and Transfer of Patent Rights and the Effect of Claim Construction on the Same
This mock trial will present a case study on a pioneering development, subsequently patented, and ultimately successfully launched and marketed by a Fortune 100 company as a robust therapeutic for an advanced stage disease - the result of collegial exchanges between US and non-US researchers associated with different institutions, together with the efforts of a start-up company whose mission is to develop life-saving products.  Our panelists will address best practices for portfolio management, institutional agreements, inventorship determinations, due diligence, in-licensing, and the ultimate resolution of disputes which can arise from the inception of research and development through various licensing exchanges, with a promise to be stimulating, engaging, and enlightening.
Spring meeting-Joint educational session with open source committee-Michele Herman will be a panelist
Annual meeting-Email blast has been sent out for topic request-plenary session 




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