Licensing and IP portfolio management committee-Spring report


COMMITTEE NAME: Licensing and IP portfolio management committee
COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP: Chair-Penny Prater;Vice-Chair-Michele Herman
Case law  update subcommittee-Chris Lewis
Joint committee forms project- Michele Herman
DISCUSS THE OVERALL MISSION OF THE COMMITTEE AS IT RELATES TO AIPLA’s VISION, MISSION, and VALUES: The Committee considers the laws, regulations, and judicial decisions which affect the ownership, transfer and sharing of IP rights and technology.  To this end, the Committee: (1) develops and shares information on procedures for holding, transferring and sharing rights in IP enabling IP owners to identify IP assets and needs, measure and extract additional value from that property, analyze impediments to valuing IP assets as compared to tangible assets, develop benchmarking tools and procedures for overcoming any impediments, and (2) recommends ways to assist in mining IP portfolios, managing those portfolios and managing royalty and revenue streams associated with those portfolios.
Plans for stated meetings: For the spring meeting we are participating in a joint educational session  entitled “The Perplexing Intersection of IP, Standards, Licensing, and Antitrust”. The Antitrust Committee,  and  the Standards and Open  Source  committee are also participating. Speakers lined up include  Stan Panikowski of DLA Piper and  Dave Djaveherian of Broadcom.
 We are still in the planning stage for our Annual meeting activities. We have been asked by planners of the Annual meeting plenary programs to provide speaker suggestions , which we are doing.
We are also having dialogs with Licensing Executive Society leadership on ways in which the AIPLA and LES could possibly cooperate.
Plans for coordination between stated meetings:Committee members exchange emails and have phone conferences as necessary
 We participate with monthly phone conferences for committees-AIPLA Specialized IP and Policy Committee Group
MEMBER SERVICE:  We are working on  regular  case law updates at this time, which are being posted  on the AIPLA website . Christopher Lewis of Ratner and Prestia is chair of a subcommittee for case law updates. The most recent update  covers the recent  Federal Circuit decision in Azure Networks LLC v. CSR PLC
We also have a .joint committee forms project  headed by Michele Herman  which is preparing a collection of annotated sample agreements which will cover a variety of IP-related transactions.for a variety of purposes. These  include licensing a single patent or trademark , or a covenant not to sue. Those preparing the forms are working with experienced mentors, many of whom have been involved  with  in-house licensing practice.




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