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Committee on Legislation

 2015-206 Committee on Legislation Members

​Barbara A. Fiacco  (Chair - 1 yr.) ​617-832-1227
​William G. Barber (VC- 1 yr.) ​202-408-4000
​Vince E. Garlock (ex officio)​ ​703-412-4355​

 ​ ​(Term Expires 2016)

​Donald R. Dunner ​202-408-4062 ​
​Nicholas P. Godici ​858-353-5594 ​
​Philip S. Johnson  ​732-534-2368 ​
​Bernie J. Knight, Jr. 202-756-8421 ​
​Kimberly N. Van Voorhis  ​650-813-4262 ​

 Committee Announcements

Announcement Description

Working closely with the Board of Directors, the Committee on Legislation is actively engaged in the review of pending patent litigation reform bills as well as other bills affecting intellectual property. The Committee welcomes input on pending legislation from AIPLA’s substantive committees as well as individual members. In addition to responding to current legislative efforts, the Committee also seeks input on areas in which legislation is needed to promote effective and efficient laws to protect intellectual property.


 Committee Documents

December 2015 Committee Report.pdf
December 2015 Committee Report