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Law Students

The Law Student Committee was created to help the association better identify with the concerns of law students. The Committee wishes not only to invigorate the AIPLA’s current law student members, but also to welcome more students to join the association as active members. The Committee will be a vehicle to bring AIPLA's broader purpose and goals to the law student community.​​​​​​​​





September 2018 [Date TBA]

Student Day at the USPTO


Look for registration details coming soon!

September 27, 2018

AIPLA VIrtual Career Fair


Look for registration details coming soon!



 Committee Announcements

Announcement Description


We are currently looking for liasons from law schools throughout the country.
Student representatives will be responsible for:
1)    Correlation between your student IP organizations and AIPLA.
2)    Communicating of-interest information from us at AIPLA to your student body.
3)    The local promotion of IP scholarship and student interest in IP law by hosting at least one event at your law school per semester as an AIPLA event.  These can be as simple as an informational lecture from a professor or practicing IP attorney, a meet-and-greet with local practitioners, etc.  The event may also be co-hosted with your local IP student org, and law schools in the same city may work together if they’d like.
4)    Promoting student AIPLA membership.


If you are interested in serving as an AIPLA law school representative, please e-mail your resume and a confirmation of your willingness to commit to the four responsibilities listed above.  Send these to​




One of the more effective ways to study is simply to take one of the morning or afternoon sessions posted above at least every other day until you get your score up to 70%.  Once you get to that point, register to take the exam.  It might take 4-6 weeks to actually schedule an exam after you send in your registration material.  Continue studying and get to a point where you have memorized all 300 questions posted above before your exam date.  
Get used to using the PDF format of the MPEP posted above because that is similar to what is used on the real exam.


For further questions about the patent bar feel free to email​



Interested in sharing advice for finding a summer job?

Interested in copyright or trademark law?
If so, join in the discussion by following the Committee Discussions link to the left.


Click on the Lyris List link above for instructions.​

To get started go to the following website:
Take the old exams, morning and afternoon sessions, in PDF format here:

Use PDF copies of the MPEP from here: