The 2017 Report of the Economic Survey--AIPLA's most sought-after publication--is available now!

Announcement Description

The American Intellectual Property Law Association Economic Survey is one of the premier and most sought-after publications of the Association. The Economic Survey’s results are often cited in judicial opinions, analyzed by research firms, and used by law firms alike. All AIPLA members will receive a copy of the Report in the mail and can access the Report online - for free!

The 2017 version of the Survey is initially broken down by practitioner practice type. Next, the Survey includes the following primary sections:
(1) typical charges for law services,
(2) typical types of fees for law-service charges,
(3) typical costs of litigation, and
(4) characteristics of firms.
The characteristics of firms’ section is further broken down into the following subsections:
(1) number and type of attorneys,
(2) associate starting salary and summer monthly pay,
(3) support staff and services,
(4) billing rates and practices,
(5) liability insurance, and
(6) training and marketing. 

New this year: Of notable importance—and included primarily due to their general relevance to the Survey and their unique interest to those tasked with formulating the Survey’s questions—were the following matters:

• Amending the list of choices pertaining to major technical undergraduate degrees;
• Adding a question regarding a year-end cash bonus at places of employment;
• Estimating percentage of annual corporate IP budgets based upon types of work;
• Including questions regarding practitioners’ familiarity with Global Dossier (i.e., the five-IP offices’ [Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and United States] and five IP industry groups’ initiative to provide patent applicants with a convenient way to view, monitor, and manage intellectual property assets); and
• Adding new information regarding non-U.S.-originated and U.S.-filed, but non-U.S. prosecuted patent applications.  

Members may obtain additional copies of the survey for $45 each. The survey is available to non-members at a cost of $495.

We are pleased to continue bringing you this valuable member benefit, and we hope that you find the Report a useful reference tool in your practice. 

With best regards,


Donika Pentcheva, AIPLA LPM Chair
Frank Gerratana, AIPLA LPM Vice Chair




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