How to Ascertain & Manage a Media Outlet

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Dear Law Practice Management Committee Members, 

Speaking spots on various media outlets can serve as a powerful tool in law practice management. While writing blogs and articles is important, speaking spots are in a different caliber. Speaking spots are not necessarily readily available, so how do you actually ascertain such an opportunity?  Once ascertained, how should you manage the speaking spot? The corresponding article offers some tips to answer both questions.

For example, the article suggests directly contacting some editors, reporters, and producers that you follow. However, in doing so, the key is to “catch them in ways where they don’t feel that they have to do something right away.”  Nobody likes to feel as though they are solely being used for someone’s personal agenda, so it is important to avoid “hounding” and overly self-promoting. The article also suggests contacting editors, reporters, and producers on behalf of clients instead of on behalf of yourself. For example, you can seek to have clients placed on resource lists and use that opportunity to plug yourself. Once you have ascertained a speaking spot, the article then suggests tips on accuracy, preparation, how to get your message across, and how to handle difficult questions. Finally, the article advises on a “model media policy,” which is a law firm policy outlining who is authorized to speak to the media and how to handle clients in such a context.

At the very least, becoming a known authority in your particular practice is a helpful starting point. Whether that is accomplished by writing blogs and articles, or speaking on a media outlet, establishing yourself as an expert is appealing to fellow colleagues and potential clients, at least in terms of honesty, intelligence, and confidence.          

Article: http://www.cba.org/cba/practicelink/mt/media.aspx

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