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International Trade Commission (ITC)

The Committee on the ITC is comprised of new and experienced practitioners who have a special interest in representing clients before the U.S. International Trade Commission ("USITC") in Section 337 investigations.  The Committee considers rules, regulations and  decisions related to litigation before the USITC.  The Committee also reviews notices issued by the Commission, as well as any proposed rules and, when appropriate, makes recommendations and provides comments to the Commission.  The Committee is also involved in planning and presenting CLE programs at AIPLA meetings to  provide further education to AIPLA members on practice before the USITC.​​​​​​​​​​​


 Committee Announcements

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ITC Section 337 History Panel

We are sponsoring a series of panels on The History and Development of Section 337 Practice at the ITC, together with the ITC Trial Lawyers Association. 

The first panel will be on Major Developments in Section 337 from 1922 to Today – An Overview, Milestones, and Implications.  The panel will be held on March 30 from 2 to 4 at the ITC.

The panelists are:  David Foster, Wayne Herrington, Tom Schaumberg, and Charles Schill, and Jim Altman will moderate. 

This will be a great opportunity to learn some things about where Section 337 came from, why it is structured the way it is, why it is administered by the ITC, and why the ITC is structured the way it is, and how the ITC and Section 337 evolved from 1922 to today, from some of the seminal figures in that evolution.

As a heads up, we are planning two more panels.  One on Evolution of Section 337 Decision-Making at the ITC – Roles of the Commissioners, ALJs, General Counsel, and OUII.  And one on Evolution of Section 337 Litigation at the ITC – Discovery, Briefing, Hearings, Opinions, Other Investigation Procedures​

The ITC Committee is planning two events for the 2016 Mid-Winter Meeting.  We hope you can join us:

Mid-Winter Institute, January 28, 2016:  We are assisting with a Plenary Session devoted to a variety of aspects of ITC practice under Section 337, including application of Section 337 to trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and standard-essential patents.

 Mid-Winter Institute, January 28, 2016:  We plan to hold a joint educational meeting with the Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy Committee to cover the topic of “IP Border Enforcement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.”  


 Committee Documents

2015-08-28 Biotech-ITC Joint Session Paper - Giannelli.pdf
11/10/2015 2:29 PMNo presence informationJames Altman
AIPLA ITC Committee Report (Jan 2016).docx
2/25/2016 6:06 PMNo presence informationJames Altman
AIPLA ITC Committee Report 2 Dec 2015.pdf
12/2/2015 2:26 PMNo presence informationJames Altman
AIPLA ITC Committee Report Apr 2016.docx
4/28/2016 4:22 PMNo presence informationJames Altman
AIPLA ITC Committee Report, 1 July 2015.docx
7/1/2015 4:07 PMNo presence informationJames Altman
11/20/2012 1:37 PMNo presence informationRandy Sagara
AIPLA-Biotech-ITC Whether to Pursue Enforcement in the ITC or District Court.pdf
11/10/2015 2:27 PMNo presence informationJames Altman
BPCIA Sec 337 article.pdf
11/10/2015 2:28 PMNo presence informationJames Altman
11/15/2010 9:49 PMNo presence informationSara Barker
9/6/2012 12:11 PMNo presence informationRandy Sagara

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