June 5, 2012 Conf Call on US Hague Implementation & Design Patent Recordal w/ Customs

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We will hold a conference call on Tuesday, June 5 at 3:00 PM Eastern to discuss U.S. implementing legislation for the Geneva Act of the Hague Convention Concerning International Registration of Industrial Designs, as well as whether U.S. design patents should be recordable with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol like design copyrights, copyrights and trademarks.  Both topics were discussed at the Spring Meeting in Austin, including at an informative meeting between AIPLA and WIPO Senior Counselor Alan Datri. 

Jason Somma, chair of our legislative sub-committee, will briefly present on Hague, and Prof. Bill Fryer will provide his usual sage observations and recommendations.  We would also like to form a sub-committee to bring the Committee’s 2009 DP recordal work to completion by preparing a formal resolution and undertaking a Committee-wide vote to be presented to the Board. 

We have posted an initial memo on Hague from Jason requested by AIPLA, as well as several documents provided by AIPLA’s Special Committee on Legislation.  There is no telling when Congress could take up implementing legislation (the Senate ratified the Geneva Act in 2007), but the Committee should be prepared.  We have also posted the Committee’s 2009 document presented to the Board at the Spring San Diego meeting.

Please join us for the call on Tuesday!

Dial-in: 218-936-4700

Code: 6178529​




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